Partnering with CBM Pathology allows our clients to avoid delays in processing due to distance, difficult communication and diagnosis by unknown pathologists. Our clients know who is diagnosing their cases each time, and communication between our board-certified pathologists and the referring physician is direct and easy for any consult or case discussion. Our proximity to our clients means we can review the case with the referring physician at their office or surgical center or at our lab, as an informal meeting or structured conference. CBM Pathology is surrounded by national experts, making extramural consults an extension of our practice.

  • Direct communication between pathologist and referring physician for any consult, discussion of cases
  • Same day call/fax on all malignant cases
  • Internal review by second pathologist for all suspected malignant cases, all dysplasias, all suspicious atypias, all unusual findings
  • Extramural consult for controversial/difficult cases: Johns Hopkins, AFIP, NIH, as requested
  • Schedule informal meetings or structured conferences, including microscopic and/or slide presentation tutorials.
  • Client service available by phone (no answering machine) during business hours. All possible problems receive priority and personalized attention.