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Pathology Overview

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SURGICAL PATHOLOGY                            CYTOLOGY
Gastroenterology                                        ThinPrep Pap Smear
Gynecology                                                  Conventional Pap Smear
ENT                                                                Non-gynecological cytology:
Breast                                                            Brushings & washings, body
Urology                                                         fluids & cyst cytology, urine
Dermatopathology                                     Cytology
Soft tissue and bone
Lymph nodes
HISTOLOGY                                              HPV TESTING
Tissue processing                                    HPV- HR (Human Papilloma Virus,
Slide Preparation                                        High Risk: 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39
Routine & special stains                              45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68)
Immunoperoxidase analysis                     HPV Genotype, HR variants 16, 18
    with tumor panels
Breast Cancer prognosis panel


Turn-Around Times




Surgical Pathology/Histology Services

CBM Pathology offers quality surgical pathology/histology services, including tissue processing, slide preparation, routine and special stains. Our laboratory is staffed with specially trained and experienced histotechnologists. The high caliber of our technical staff, pride in workmanship and focus on patient care set CBM Pathology apart from other laboratories.

  • In-house histology providing comprehensive & complete routine processing & special stains.
  • Immunoperoxidase staining, analysis and panels.
  • Breast cancer prognosis panel
  • Comprehensive biopsy evaluation incorporating current and previous cases
  • Historical results available on current diagnostic report
  • Peer review of malignancies
  • All routine cases have 1-2 days turnaround preliminary diagnosis and discussion of initial findings if further studies (deeper sections, special stains) are required.
  • All special study cases double reviewed by pathologists
  • Report incorporates pictures and pertinent microscopic findings.

The special stain is incorporated in the report to obtain the most accurate diagnosis. In some cases, special procedures are needed and obtained for specific tumor profiles to aid in treatment and prognosis. State of the art protocols are constantly updated, and our priority is to communicate with treating oncologists and surgeons to follow their current cancer protocol.

Special Stains

  • Alcian Blue                                                   
  • Alcian Blue & Hyaluronidase
  • Amyloid (crystal violet, congo red)                
  • Argyrophil (carcinoid)
  • Argentaffin                                                    
  • Basement membrane (Gomori)
  • Copper                                                          
  • Diff Quik
  • Elastic                                                        
  • Giemsa
  • Iron                                                           
  • Melanin (Fontana-Masson)
  • Melanin-Bleach                                            
  • Methyl Green Pyronine
  • Mucicarmine                                               
  • Reticulum
  • Toluidine Blue (mast cell)                            
  • Trichrome
  • Wright Giemsa                                            
  • p53
  • AFB
  • Brown & Hopps (Bacteria)
  • Fite
  • Giemsa
  • GMS
  • Gridley
  • PAS (- diastase)
  • PAS (+ diastase)
  • Steiner & Steiner (Spirochetes)

Cytology Services


  • Conventional and ThinPrep Smears, with quick turnaround and HGSIL notification
  • Correlation of histology with previous cytology
  • FNA Interpretation with 24 hour Diagnostic Call Back, as requested
  • Non-gynecological cytology including: scrapings, discharge, washings, brushings, examination of fluid in body cavities, cysts and urine

Gynecological Cytology

CBM Pathology's cytology department provides testing for vaginal and cervical PAP smears using conventional and monolayer preparations. Each staff cytotechnologist is registered with American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and trained and certified to evaluate and diagnose conventional smears and FDA approved ThinPrep monolayer preparations. The cytology department participates in the State of Maryland annual cytology proficiency testing, and in continuous proficiency evaluation and CME from the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

Non-Gynecological Cytology

CBM Pathology provides processing and interpretation of non-gyn specimens including scrapings of superficial lesions, nipple and other discharges, washings, brushings, examination of fluid in body cavities, cysts, sputum, and urine. The cytology department is directed by Dr. Carla B. MacLeod, who is subspecialty board certified in Cytopathology and has extensive experience with gynecologic and non-gynecologic cytology.

FNA Biopsy and Interpretation

Our board certified pathologists, led by Dr. Carla B. MacLeod, are experts in the field of cytopathology, with special training in the performance and interpretation of FNA biopsies. They bring more than 40 years combined experience performing and diagnosing FNA biopsies. When requested, CBM Pathology communicates the preliminary diagnosis to the referring physician within four hours of the procedure and within an hour whenever possible. Our office is co-located with our histology and cytology lab, so specimens are processed in-house, reducing the time it takes to make an accurate diagnosis. CBM Pathology also evaluates on-site adequacy of FNAs and performs ancillary studies as needed, with material immediately submitted for special procedures and stains, such as lymphoma panels, microbiologic culture and immunocytochemical panels.

We perform FNA biopsies in a comfortable office setting in Gaithersburg, MD. Parking is easy and patient education is available (FNA Patient Brochure). For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact (301) 926- 4707, or


    HPV Testing

    CBM Pathology provides High Risk Human Papillomavirus (HPV) testing in combination with cytology to increase the diagnostic sensitivity of screening for cervical cancer. With Cervista High Risk HPV methodology, we provide qualitative detection of DNA from 14 designated high risk HPV types: 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, and 68. CBM Pathology also performs 16/18 HPV genotyping so referring physicians can triage patients at risk for cervical cancer requiring colposcopy and better manage patient care.


    Report Structure

    Our structured and clear reports can be tailored to the unique needs of our client's office or surgical center.They incorporate:

    • Patient demographics
    • Photograph of pertinent findings
    • Diagnosis
    • Microscopic description
    • Gross description
    • Clinical data
    • Peer review of malignancies
    • Double review of special study cases
    • Comparison with previous biopsies, comprehensive, historical biopsy evaluation incorporating current and previous cases
    • Comments for the case/ Suggestions/ Recommendations
    • Turn-around of 1-2 days for routine cases, and discussion of initial findings for complicated/ unusual cases
    • Tailored to practices' needs upon request

    Sample Reports

    Rectal Polyp       Colon Mass        Gastric Body & Esophagus

    PAP        Vulvar Lesion


    Turn-Around Times

    Fast & Convenient Reporting

    Patients should not have to wait longer than necessary for potentially life-changing results. CBM Pathology offers same-day telephone or fax results on all malignant cases. We also offer same-day second opinion for patients' previous cases from other laboratories when slides are available.

    Surgical Biopsies

    • Routine: 24- 72 hours
    • STAT: Same day when technically feasible

    Gynecological Cytology

    • Routine: 5 business days
    • Abnormal: 1-2 additional days
    • STAT: 4 hours

    Fine Needle Aspiration

    • Preliminary Diagnosis: 4 hours, when requested
    • Final Report: 1-2 days
    • STAT: 2 hours

    HPV Testing

    • Routine: 5-8 days
    • STAT: 1-2 days



    Personal Attention

    Partnering with CBM Pathology allows our clients to avoid delays in processing due to distance, difficult communication and diagnosis by unknown pathologists. Our clients know who is diagnosing their cases each time, and communication between our board-certified pathologists and the referring physician is direct and easy for any consult or case discussion. Our proximity to our clients means we can review the case with the referring physician at their office or surgical center or at our lab, as an informal meeting or structured conference. CBM Pathology is surrounded by national experts, making extramural consults an extension of our practice.

    • Direct communication between pathologist and referring physician for any consult, discussion of cases
    • Same day call/fax of all malignant cases
    • Internal review by a second pathologist for all suspected malignant cases, all dysplasias, all suspicious atypias, all unusual findings
    • Extramural consult for controversial/difficult cases: Johns Hopkins, NIH, or as requested
    • Schedule informal meetings or structured conferences, including microscopic and/or slide presentation tutorials.
    • Client service available by phone (no answering machine) during business hours. All possible problems receive priority and personalized attention.


    Transportation, Supplies & Additional Services

    CBM Pathology provides courier service for our clients in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our couriers are part of our laboratory. They know the laboratory procedures and each client they serve, and can answer questions or direct a question to the appropriate person.


    • Specimen pickup from client's office, surgical center or provided box
    • Reports delivered following all security and privacy regulations
    • Overnight pickup and delivery


    • Supplies delivered as requested: formalin jars, bags, and other surgical & cytology supplies provided by CBM Pathology
    • Procedure client manual concerning specimen collection, specimen preservation and specimen transportation requirements is provided by CBM Pathology


    • Friendly billing from professional billing services. No offensive collection practices.
    • Participation with virtually all insurance companies, including HMOs, Kaiser & United Healthcare. Insurance Participation.