CBM Pathology tailors reports 
to your specific needs.

  • Color microphotograph of pertinent findings in every report.
  • Structured and clear:
    • Diagnosis
    • Microscopic description as needed
    • Comment / recommendation
    • Gross Description
    • Clinical Data
    • Comparison with previous biopsies
    • Supplemental reportsas needed (ancillary tests, consults, etc.)
  • Tailored to Practice's needs, upon request
  • Intramural QA / consult of all malignancies, difficult and unusual cases
  • Extramural consultations (Johns Hopkins, AFIP, NIH) for controversial, difficult cases, and as requested



Rectal Polyp       Colon Mass        Gastric Body & Esophagus


PAP                    Vulvar Lesion


Patients should not have to wait longer than necessary for potentially life-changing results. CBM Pathology offers same-day telephone or fax results on all malignant cases. Our structured and clear reports can be tailored to the unique needs of our client's office or surgical center. We also offer same-day second opinion for patients' previous cases from other laboratories when slides are available.