CBM Pathology offers quality surgical pathology/histology services, including tissue processing, slide preparation, routine and special stains. Our laboratory is staffed with specially trained and experienced histotechnologists. The high caliber of our technical staff, pride in workmanship and focus on patient care set CBM Pathology apart from other laboratories.

  • In-house histology providing comprehensive & complete routine processing & special stains.
  • Immunoperoxidase staining, analysis and panels.
  • Breast cancer prognosis panel
  • Comprehensive biopsy evaluation incorporating current and previous cases
  • Historical results available on current diagnostic report
  • Peer review of malignancies
  • All routine cases have 1-2 days turnaround preliminary diagnosis and discussion of initial findings if further studies (deeper sections, special stains) are required.
  • All special study cases double reviewed by pathologists
  • Report incorporates pictures and pertinent microscopic findings.

The special stain is incorporated in the report to obtain the most accurate diagnosis. In some cases, special procedures are needed and obtained for specific tumor profiles to aid in treatment and prognosis. State of the art protocols are constantly updated, and our priority is to communicate with treating oncologists and surgeons to follow their current cancer protocol.

Special Stains
Alcian Blue                                                    Alcian Blue & Hyaluronidase
Amyloid (crystal violet, congo red)                 Argyrophil (carcinoid)
Argentaffin                                                   Basement membrane (Gomori)
Copper                                                         Diff Quik
Elastic                                                         Giemsa
Iron                                                             Melanin (Fontana-Masson)
Melanin-Bleach                                             Methyl Green Pyronine
Mucicarmine                                                Reticulum
Toluidine Blue (mast cell)                             Trichrome
Wright Giemsa                                             p53

Brown & Hopps (Bacteria)
PAS (- diastase)
PAS (+ diastase)
Steiner & Steiner (Spirochetes)